8 Types Of Girls That Make A Fully Balanced Friend Group

There are just three girls in my “super tight circle” but we are a mix of all these things. 🙂 Yes, it worked out so well that it would be impossible to live without the other.

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Shutterstock / Syda ProductionsShutterstock / Syda Productions

It’s no secret that girls like to travel in packs or at the very least duos. We gals like to surround ourselves with girlfriends for every occasion but what outsiders might not realize is just how different each girlfriend is from one another. Girlfriends are appealing for various reasons and here a just a few of the types of girlfriends every gal has.

1. The Fun One

This girlfriend is the ideal friend you want around all the time because she is just so much fun. This girl can turn a simple sleepover into a night you’ll never forget simply by being herself. She always makes you laugh and you know that when you need cheering up she is the friend you will call. Sometimes you wish she would tone it down just a bit because she a tendency to consume all the air in the…

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