The Tragedy of the Cactus and the Rose

The cactus and the rose— are not they lovely?  Oh these pretty exotic plants.

The cactus and the rose look so ordinary, so conventional. And yet the more one stares at them, the more attractive they become. These wild plants possess in them beauty that is strikingly outlandish which makes one stop and drink their unpolished splendor.

Because who knows when they will come across another cactus or another rose? Even if they encountered another one, the passersby know that it will never be the same cactus or rose again. Hence whenever they meet one, they try to gaze at it longer than they would look at a daisy.

Both carry in them an elegance brought by their simplicity. It is the sophistication of their bizarreness that set the the cactus and the rose apart from other plants. The strangeness they have is what attracts strangers.

It is the same peculiarity that makes them want to own the cactus and the rose. But it is the same extraordinary distinctiveness which makes it impossible to hold a cactus and the rose. The unfamiliarity of the rose and the cactus which draws people is also the very thing that wears anyone out.

Cactus and rose grew thorns to protect themselves. It makes them wonderful to look at but not to touch. Yes, they prick—they pierce through the skin causing so much pain. But once one found the golden spot and has learned to tame the cactus and the rose it would be worth the suffering.


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