I walk along the streets, like a child lost in the big world. On one street corner I stopped my heels and looked around. The same old buildings stand tall, new ones had been erected and added on the scene. There are people passing by, some are friends while others are strangers. I looked at their faces, all of them smiling.

Everything is so familiar, even I is a native to the place. Yet why is it that I do not feel that sense of belonging? I changed— I am still that same old girl, with an eye transformed by experiences. But the world around me has been altered as well. I no longer understand the street signs that had been there since time immemorial, the buildings that were older than I, and the people I had known long ago. I can no longer fathom the world at my grasp the same way they can no longer comprehend my thoughts and my actions.

How can two dynamic things meet at one point when they are constantly moving— forever undergoing metamorphosis? In this non-static universe, everything’s enigmatic.

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