Courtship: The Rise of The Strong Woman and The Sensitive Man

Thought Catalog


Ok, ladies and gentleman, listen up. It’s time to give a name to a cultural trend that has been on the rise for quite some time now. I call it The Rise Of The Strong Woman And The Sensitive Man. We’ve all seen it and it tends to go something like this:

Boy meets Girl. Or (for our purposes) maybe Girl meets Boy. Boy and Girl like each other. They talk and flirt and maybe even hang out once or twice. The girl plays it cool because she has many social commitments and career prospects and, while she likes the boy, needs more time to discern whether he will be the one to make her commit. The boy is confused that the girl isn’t swooning over him and assumes she isn’t interested. He pulls away. His communication becomes short and infrequent. The girl wonders what happened and is sad…

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