Let Me Live in Dreamland

Even in dreams you possess me…

Four long years. Yes, four long years. That is the length of time I loved you from afar. The length of time I concealed my feelings. The length of time I remained hidden in the shadows.

After those four long years I gave up. I tried to stop, because I knew you would never notice the girl who cannot even utter a word in front of you. A year passed since the day we graduated from college and I thought you had been buried in the deepest depths of my consciousness— I almost thought you had been dissolved in my memory.

But here you go again, resurfacing back. A few minutes visit in my dream two nights ago gave me that same stomach churning feeling you had always been giving me. For a moment I believed it was real— the joy of finally being with you, being the person you always wanted.

However, dreams end. No matter how hard I tried to hold on to your formless presence, I could not. The joy I felt was passing, but I am grateful that somehow we happened even for just a night in a dream.

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2 thoughts on “Let Me Live in Dreamland

  1. tyronepierre says:

    Wow. That’s so bittersweet and beautiful

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