I am Maria Alexandria Hidalgo.

I am a brave little girl who fears the world sometimes and enjoys most of life while crying behind curtains. I hide myself from everyone because I do not like attention from my kind but I am here blogging publicly in the open telling my story for everyone else to read. I speak eloquently in my head and stammers when I try to blurt out the words. I sound totally awesome in the shower when I sing but a total-pitch-imperfect in karaokes.

I love learning but despise studying for sometimes school is not just so cool. I am fan of Superman yet I believe that I myself is my only hero and there’s no one else. I am a foodie who does not know much about food. I am whole as I should be with some missing parts that needs to be filled.

I am Max, the complete package of irony and paradox. I am the person who is and tries to be. And this, THIS is my story according to run-on sentences and comma splices.


I got my first blog nomination on August 12, 2013 which is a Monday. It made me really happy, hence, I deem it necessary to place it here. 🙂