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The Crime We Committed on Friday Night

Crazy pot heads.

On Friday (July 5) night I asked Kevin, Emman and Mikee to join me for a jog. Mikee wasn’t able to run with us aroung the university at 8:30 in the evening because her org meeting ended later than the time she expected it will be finished. So it was just Kevin, Emman, Stephen (our ex-blockmate who Emman and Kevin pulled from the dorm) and I who spent an hour jogging and walking.

Our night did not end with getting sweaty and exercising. Of course it had to end with a bang.

We are already on our senior year and what better way to enjoy it is to break the rules and do some crazy things. The library was already closed and there were no guards in that area of the campus, I wonder where they went that night because usually there are guards patrolling every night. Hence, a crazy idea came to us.

Play and wade in the water of the fountain outside the library. And we did!

Funny how Kevin didn’t want to get into the water at first because according to him we might get caught and it might prevent us from graduating. But because we insisted he joined us in the water and (hooray!) we did it! haha.

The other thing we do was, on our way out of the university Kevin rolled down his window (the air conditioner got broken) and I suggested that we shout our hearts out in unison. In the count of three the cold breeze harmonized with our voices.

The feeling was awesome.

The five kilometer jog made us all hungry. We ended up in KFC eating a sinful meal. Haha.

A night of jogging wasted in fastfood.

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I am Running… but NOT Away


Just came home from a jog with Angel. We had a two lap run in the university tonight and a little walk. I decided tonight is a good night to go out and exercise, I haven’t been doing any exercising lately worse neglecting yoga for three months.

The sky is starry and the wind is cool. It was very peaceful at the campus at such hour, well it’s 11:30PM so who else will be there but the dormers and other joggers. Anyway, I realized I had to jog more often because I easily got tired after the first lap. We only had two laps of full jog and a little fast walk.

It felt tiring but in a good way. It’s as if all the stress that had accumulated had been released everytime I breathe out and as I sweat. It is therefore decided that I should allot more time to be fit, it’s not that I’m fat, I am just the right size but I want to make sure that I am healthy.

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